Looking to live in a smaller home, retirement apartment or townhome? We can help organize and decorate your new space to ensure you are able to incorporate your favorite pieces from your current home. Below are the steps we took when helping a client move from a 4,000 square foot home to a 1,500 square foot space.

  • First we measured her new home and made a floor plan
  • We blue taped items in her old home of what we wanted to keep and move to the new space
  • Then we moved those items to the new home and auctioned everything that was left
  • We incorporated her favorite pieces we had kept and filled in with new pieces to maximize space.  We bought new items that could also be used as storage
  • We upholstered some of her favorite old pieces that needed a little freshening up
  • We added new drapes and hung artwork to create a light and airy atmosphere
  • We also helped accessorize, find items that are decorative but can also be used as storage and incorporated new color

Our main goal was to add a new look to what she already had in the pieces she was keeping

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Downsizing Downsizing

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